The measuring guide:
Sit down and place your feet flat on the floor in front of you.
Take a tape measure and wrap it around the widest part of your calf, taking care not to leave a gap.
Measure to the nearest 1cm.

Extra tips for a perfect fit:
Our boots are available in odd or even cm widths. If you find that you’re between measurements, we recommend that you opt for the smaller of the two to ensure a snug fit – our luscious, natural leathers will give over time.
It’s worth measuring both calves and, if you find there’s is a small difference between legs (there often is),use the smallest measurement when placing your order.
Think about which style will fit your foot shape best – boots and shoes with pointed or almond-shaped toes are usually narrower at the front, and round and square styles have more room in the toes.
SUEDE BOOTS: Our soft suede gives a lot more than other leathers, so it’s a good idea to round down to the nearest cm if you’re between calf sizes.


Boot height


Unless specified in the product description, boot height is the distance in a straight line between the bottom of your heel to the top of your boot.

To make sure the height of your boots is perfect for you…
Check the boot height of your chosen style – you’ll need to enter your size details, as the boot heights do vary with size.
Sit on a seat with your knee at 90 ̊and your feet flat on the floor.
Place the end of a tape measure touching the floor behind the bottom of your heel.
Measure straight up the back of your leg to the given boot height measurement. This will give you the approximate place that the boot will sit on your leg (the boot should not sit right in the crease of the knee – this is uncomfortable when the knee is bent).

Size conversion chart

Ted&Muffy footwear is made in European sizes in Portugal. Unsure of your European shoe size? We’ve created a useful size conversion chart to help you choose your perfect size.

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