Fashion brand development social media marketing just out of fear and fascination


XX's ads are still leading the fashion luxury brand and the retail site traffic and the impact of consumer purchase standards, but the major brands have also opened up a variety of viable advertising channels such as social networks. XX according to its reported second quarter revenue of $2910000000, the main source is advertising, followed by XX, XX, XX, and XX is closely followed. Social media for a moment without two. But is it really the case?

XX's first advertiser is the fashion brand XX

XX, vice president and chief analyst at XX, said he would still recommend fashion and retail brand to spend money on Google's search ads, compared with online advertising on social media. This is not to say that the brand should stop spending on social media - he is not encouraged to do so, but he does call for marketers to evaluate online advertising budget should be used in the same way as other types of advertising estimates. If television advertising does not provide the return on investment, it will be revoked, and in social media should uphold this principle.

He pointed out that some brands through social media advertising has been successful (there are other people, if they really spend considerable energy in advertising, can get a substantial return on investment), but in general, the market report said XX's advertising effectiveness and search advertising, e-mail marketing, and even the effect of banner ads have a significant gap.

For XX, a brand choice in social media advertising is challenging, because the space is undergoing tremendous changes. Social media early landmark list for the carrier, to create a new customer relationship marketing - these have never really demonstrated. "It chose to provide only about 2% of their fans to provide a brand message. This is not a true customer relationship. Therefore, all brands are now able to do is to buy advertising. This is just another place to buy advertising." XX said.

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