Women's industry multi brand management can break the bottleneck of a single brand operation


Women's industry is more than the men's clothing industry development potential. China Women's brands supported by excellent background system, and to design and product development sustainable intensive farming, the more development potential than men's clothing industry. At present, because of the South and north of the different characteristics of the north and south, the market has not yet appeared more mature national brand, according to the regional division of the north and South brands of two major camps, the two major representative brands are XX and XX, etc..

Multi brand management in the enjoyment of the company's internal channels and network resources, and can break the bottleneck of a single brand operation. After calculation, the current market for high-end women's layout is about 50, the total amount of a single brand is about 2000000000, if you want to break through the development bottleneck, multi brand operation is an inevitable choice.

This year, the growth of department stores is weak, to department stores as the main layout of the high-end women's brand sales also showed a trend of slowing down. Among them, in addition to XX and XX (XX affiliated brand, age positioning and pricing has been dropping) to maintain relatively fast growth outside, XX, XX and XX have increased, but the increase was not significant. Overall, the first half of the growth rate is not large, a lot of is flat or so or fall, the company has a comprehensive range of about 10% of the company has been very good level.

XX this year, despite the end of the slowdown in sales growth, but the product is still in the forefront or a slight increase (South market, the top three to five, the national comprehensive sixth), which shows that the growth rate of this year, the decline is mainly due to large environmental impact. In this regard, XX this year also slowed the pace of expansion of the channel, more energy to brand and product upgrading, VIP management, new channels to explore and improve the SAP system, such as the ability to improve the operation of the. First of all, the next line of ditch companies hopes to do a good job VIP service management, and constantly improve the loyalty of new VIP members and old members to do sales and service. At the same time, the SAP system on the line, through large data analysis of customers, the product targeted push, and lay the foundation for the development of O2O. In addition, in the face of new channels of development, the company hopes to position the more young online brand XX (pricing 500-1000 yuan) to create a brand online high-end women's brand, so as to make up for the current lack of high-end online women's brand, and the use of online flagship store sales of inventory goods.

XX as the domestic high-end women's comprehensive strength of the representative of the brand, in recent years has maintained a rapid growth in recent years. Even in the first half of this year in the end of growth in the background, Shenzhen's stores also achieve double digit growth. From Shenzhen XX store operations, the store opened 4 years ago, is the largest area of the Shenzhen area 11 outlets, construction area of more than 600 square, the practical area of 570 square, with annual sales of about 1500-2000 million, more than 3 square effect. In XX, the main competitors are XX, XX, XX, etc..

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